WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Black Blog Awards named top Black bloggers


Issa Rae named Black Blogger of the Year

( – Good dosen’t begin to describe Issa Rae’s blog and web series, “Awkward Black Girl.” In fact, Issa Rae, who was named “Black Blogger of the Year” by the Black Blog Awards, is so good she’s landed a deal with ABC Networks.

Other Winners:

(highest honor)  POLITE on SOCIETY


Best Black Beauty Blog:

Best Black Entertainment Blog: (tie)


Best Black Book Blog:

Best Hip Hop Blog:

Best Black Food Blog:

Best Black Gospel Blog:

Best Black Parenting Blog:

Best Black Video Blog:
Honorable Mention: “Anacostia”

Best Black Political Blog:

Most Inspiring Black Blog:


It’s here! Paint the White House Black weekend kicks off in Washington, DC

This weekend in Washington, DC, the nation will celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at the same time that President Barack Obama is sworn in for a second time.  We will remember prolific Black digital media pioneer Sha Speaks and announce the winners of the Black Blog Awards.

There will be countless Inaugural Balls, parties, and more. When it’s all said and done, we will have PAINTED THE WHITE HOUSE BLACK!

BLOGGER BOOTCAMP: Nominee Ruby Wright shares sponsorship and endorsement tips


BLOGGER BOOTCAMP: Getting sponsorship and other paid endorsements 
Tips from popular blogger Ruby Wright, founder of Growing Up

( – Bloggers are making a ton of cash by writing compelling blog posts, publishing rare or informative photos and providing their readers with need-to-know information and product reviews. But did you know that Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg’s, General Mills and Procter and Gamble are also looking for bloggers to help extend their brands and to “make it personal” with potential and long-time consumers?

In this edition of Blogger Bootcamp with DC Livers, we talk with highly acclaimed blogger RUBY WRIGHT founder of “Growing Up Blackxican” about her recent news that McDonald’s has signed on to be one of her sponsors and about the other financial endorsements she has been able to obtain.

“I have been very lucky this year to be invited to attend various blogger conferences. I attended Blogalicious in Las Vegas thanks to my awesome sponsor McDonalds,” said Ruby.

Join us for the Black Blog Awards in Harlem, New York in Fall 2012. To learn more, or call 646-450-4249

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Black Blog Awards heads to Washington, DC

black blog awards logo

Think you have what it takes to snag the title of “Black Blogger of the Year” away from Marc Polite’s Polite on Society blog? Does your audience hang on your every word? Do you know a blog that you can’t live without? If so, nominate your favorite Black Blogger right now.

Eligibility Criteria

Black Bloggers must be Black-owned blogs or be largely focused on Black culture. For example, a recent nomination for Growing Up Blackxican was accepted because the blog focuses on raising children whose father is African American. In that same note, Black Entertainment TV’s is also accepted because it is focused on Black culture, despite not being owned by Black people. So, please feel free to submit blogs that you think fit the criteria.

Voting Rules

You may vote as often as you life, however, only one time per day. Bloggers may vote for themselves; however, winners are chosen by their peers and the public. Most votes wins. Send your votes to until September 10, 2012.

  • Any pages with dated entries that existed at some point during the year 2011 are eligible.
  • E-mail addresses are required to vote. You must use your own address and confirm the verification e-mail.
  • If you verify a second ballot using a separate email account, your first one will be replaced.
  • In the nomination phase:
    • URLs are required.
    • Your ballot must contain at least two unique nominees.
    • Blogs may be nominated for multiple categories.
    • Nominees must suit the category they are placed in.
  • Blogs may win a category over multiple years a maximum of five times.
  • Nominees must be present at the ceremony to be included in the official video if they win their category; however, nominees who are not present will be sent their award.

Black Blog Awards Official Ceremony

 Join us for the first ever BLACK BLOG AWARDS in Washington, DC on Friday, September 21, 2012 as part of the Black Press All Star Awards and Congressional Black Caucus weekend.  REGISTRATION OPENS ON AUGUST 10, 2012

Nominees must be present at the ceremony to be included in the official video if they win their category; however, nominees who are not present will be sent their award.

Black Blog Awards set for Sept. 21, 2012 in Washington, DC

As part of the Black Press All Stars and Congressional Black Caucus weekend events, the 2012 Black Blog Awards will take place on Friday, September 21, 2012.

Nomination Categories:

  • Best Black Beauty Blog
  • Best Black Early Education Blog
    Best Black High School Education Blog
        Best Black Higher Education Blog
  • Best Black Financial Blog
    Best Black Kids & Money Blog
        Best Black Family & Money Blog
  • Best Black Food Blog
  • Best Black Gospel Blog 
  • Best Black Gossip Blog
  • Best Black Health Blog
  • Best Hip Hop Blog
  • Best Black Local Blog
    Best Black Blog in Atlanta
        Best Black Blog in Baltimore
        Best Black Blog in Boston
        Best Black Blog in Chicago
        Best Black Blog in Detroit
        Best Black Blog in Los Angeles
        Best Black Blog in Miami
        Best Black Blog in New York City
  • Best Black Kids Blog
  • Best Black Olympic Coverage Blog
  • Best Black Niche Blog
  • Best Black Parenting Blog
  • Best Black Political Blog
  • Best Black Sports Blog
  • Best Black Technology Blog
  • Best Black Women’s Blog
  • Best Black Video Blog

Who will win?