BLOGGER BOOTCAMP: Nominee Ruby Wright shares sponsorship and endorsement tips


BLOGGER BOOTCAMP: Getting sponsorship and other paid endorsements 
Tips from popular blogger Ruby Wright, founder of Growing Up

( – Bloggers are making a ton of cash by writing compelling blog posts, publishing rare or informative photos and providing their readers with need-to-know information and product reviews. But did you know that Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg’s, General Mills and Procter and Gamble are also looking for bloggers to help extend their brands and to “make it personal” with potential and long-time consumers?

In this edition of Blogger Bootcamp with DC Livers, we talk with highly acclaimed blogger RUBY WRIGHT founder of “Growing Up Blackxican” about her recent news that McDonald’s has signed on to be one of her sponsors and about the other financial endorsements she has been able to obtain.

“I have been very lucky this year to be invited to attend various blogger conferences. I attended Blogalicious in Las Vegas thanks to my awesome sponsor McDonalds,” said Ruby.

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Black Blog Awards set for Sept. 21, 2012 in Washington, DC

As part of the Black Press All Stars and Congressional Black Caucus weekend events, the 2012 Black Blog Awards will take place on Friday, September 21, 2012.

Nomination Categories:

  • Best Black Beauty Blog
  • Best Black Early Education Blog
    Best Black High School Education Blog
        Best Black Higher Education Blog
  • Best Black Financial Blog
    Best Black Kids & Money Blog
        Best Black Family & Money Blog
  • Best Black Food Blog
  • Best Black Gospel Blog 
  • Best Black Gossip Blog
  • Best Black Health Blog
  • Best Hip Hop Blog
  • Best Black Local Blog
    Best Black Blog in Atlanta
        Best Black Blog in Baltimore
        Best Black Blog in Boston
        Best Black Blog in Chicago
        Best Black Blog in Detroit
        Best Black Blog in Los Angeles
        Best Black Blog in Miami
        Best Black Blog in New York City
  • Best Black Kids Blog
  • Best Black Olympic Coverage Blog
  • Best Black Niche Blog
  • Best Black Parenting Blog
  • Best Black Political Blog
  • Best Black Sports Blog
  • Best Black Technology Blog
  • Best Black Women’s Blog
  • Best Black Video Blog

Who will win?